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Much of the work that I do with my clients does not fall into any of the above categories so please get in contact with me at your convenience if you wish to discuss specifically how hypnotherapy could benefit you.  My mobile number is 07975533669 if you would like to call or text or, if you prefer, please use the contact form below.  


My sessions typically run for 50 minutes at a charge of £75 in Central London and £60 in Brighton/Hove/Facetime and I am available to my clients on both weekends and evenings.  

Thank you, I will be in contact shortly!

What some of my recent clients have said ...


"I saw hypnotherapy as a last resort, I wish I had found it sooner ..."


"I walked out, having seen you, the happiest I've felt in ages ..."


"I feel incredibly focused ... I felt that I could concentrate for longer and didn't get distracted at all"


"Thanks so much for the sessions, I feel amazing ..."


"You really do have a gift and you have used it to help me find a life worth living again ..." 


"Incredible session today, I think we are on to a winner here!"


"A very big thank you for helping me with this.  I am very grateful to you!"


I would love for you to be my next amazing reference: please get in contact today to find out how hypnotherapy or psychotherapy could change your life!

Having made an enquiry I will be in touch shortly thereafter to discuss the nature of work that you would like us to undertake. We will then arrange a convenient time for you to visit me for an initial consultation wherein I will learn more about you and your specific goals. At this point we will outline a flexible schedule within which we will aim for your goals to be met (our work may take 1 session or it may be ongoing; it may involve hypnotherapy, psychotherapy or a blend of both).  


Subsequently, we will be ready to proceed and, through the vehicles of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy (both of which will be tailored precisely to your unique goals and personality), we will work together to facilitate positive change.



What happens once I get in contact?

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